AFFITRUM Airdrop is an innovative campaign that aims to distribute cryptocurrency tokens to a broad range of users. Airdrops have gained popularity as a means for blockchain projects to raise awareness and engage with their community, and AFFITRUM has embraced this trend by organizing its own airdrop initiative.


The AFFITRUM Airdrop is designed to introduce the AFFITRUM project to a wider audience while rewarding early supporters. Through the distribution of free tokens, AFFITRUM hopes to create awareness and generate excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The airdrop provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire AFFITRUM tokens without requiring any financial investment.

Participating in the AFFITRUM Airdrop is straightforward and accessible to everyone. Interested individuals are required to complete a few simple steps to become eligible for the token distribution. These steps typically involve joining the AFFITRUM community on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, and completing specific tasks like liking, sharing, or retweeting AFFITRUM-related content. Additionally, participants may need to provide their wallet addresses to securely receive the airdropped tokens.

A predetermined number of tokens is allocated for the AFFITRUM Airdrop, which are then distributed among eligible participants. The distribution is often proportional, meaning that participants who complete more tasks or exhibit more engagement will receive a larger share of tokens. This approach ensures that active community members receive a fairer distribution and encourages deeper involvement with the AFFITRUM project.

The AFFITRUM Airdrop benefits both the participants and the project itself. By distributing tokens to a wider audience, AFFITRUM can expand its user base and cultivate a more vibrant community. Furthermore, the airdrop contributes to establishing trust and credibility around the project as participants receive tokens directly from the AFFITRUM team.

In summary, the AFFITRUM Airdrop presents an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage with a new project and acquire AFFITRUM tokens for free. With its user-friendly participation process and the potential for future token value appreciation, the airdrop offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for participants and the AFFITRUM project.


🚨Total Allocation: 40,000,000 $AFFI

🤑Claim per each user: 150$AFFI

💰Referral Reward 7.5$AFFI (5%)

🚧Airdrop Type: Self Claimable

📑Auto Unlock Speed: 0.8%daily | 25%monthly

🕸Airdrop ends: August 12th 2023 00:00 UTC

Airdrop Link :

📝Step-by-Step Claiming Guide:

🌱Visit the AFFITRUM Airdrop page.

🌱Change the network to the Arbitrum chain.

🌱Now click on “Perform Tasks” and perform all tasks.

🌱Go back to the Airdrop page and claim your tokens ($0.2 GAS required)

🌱You can see the live unlocked amount from the Airdrop page

🌱Copy your referral link and invite your friends for Faster Unlock.

🌱Unlocked Tokens can be traded at CAMELOT or STAKED

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrop projects.remember that this airdrop is 100% free

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